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Our mobile Showroom will rush -2- Organs of your choice (Models B3, RT-3, D-152, C3 or A-105 models with Leslie speakers) to YOUR location- Pick the one you want after hearing it in YOUR church or home. Its a fact: You can't judge how an organ will sound unless you hear it where you want it playing***

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Our warehouse is in Houston, TX. All organs ship from Houston worldwide. Phone: 713-271-1244

Unless Sold AS-IS, Scratch and Dent, or Otherwise Discounted All of Our organs are reconditioned before sale*

These organs are our inventory as of today:

A100 with Neon Keyboards, 122A,   $6,500.00  $4,995.00 ON SALE!

Hammond A-105 Stand Alone Organ 1969,   $4,000.00  $2,995.00 ON SALE!

Hammond CV and 722 Leslie, smooth drawbars,   $4,000.00  $2,750.00 ON SALE!

Hammond A100 with Leslie 147,   $6,500.00  $4,500.00 ON SALE!

Hammond C2, Smooth Drawbars Trek II Amp 145 Leslie,   $6,895.00  $4,800.00 ON SALE!

Hammond A102 stand alone organ,   $2,995.00  $1,995.00 ON SALE!

Hammond D-152 with Ventilator and 2 HR40 Cabinets- Awesome,   $9,995.00  $4,995.00 ON SALE!

Hammond C3 scratch and dent with 722 Leslie,   $8,500.00  $2,995.00 ON SALE!

70's Hammond C3 Scratch and Dent with 122,   $8,500.00  $5,500.00 ON SALE!

C3(A105) with Leslie 710, great sounding organ,   $7,500.00  $3,995.00 ON SALE!

Scratch and Dent Hammond "B3" (B2 with percussion),   $11,500.00  $4,500.00 ON SALE!

Hammond B3 Scratch and Dent with Leslie 122,   $12,500.00  $7,500.00 ON SALE!

Hammond Scratch and Dent A-102 w/ Leslie 147,   $6,500.00  $4,495.00 ON SALE!

Hammond B3 Scratch and Dent with Leslie 147,   $12,500.00  $7,500.00 ON SALE!

Hammond C3 w/ 122, Trek II preamp and Reverb,   $8,500.00  $6,500.00 ON SALE!

Brand New Hammond B3 & 981 Leslie,   CALL or EMAIL- SAVE $$$

New Heritage A3 System,   CALL or EMAIL- SAVE $$$

EMAIL VintageOrgans.Com for more info on any of these organs.

Organ Prices are our CASH Discounted prices

Our inventory of Pre-Owned organs varies daily but we keep this page up to date. Contact us for information on the listed organs or any other tonewheel Hammond model you may need. We have many organs in stock that are not "prepped" for sale yet and they do not necessarily appear in this list.

Only organs listed as including a Warranty get a warranty. Setup and Delivery where specified is subject to negotiated terms and conditions. Extra charges for other than straight in, commercial locations. Email or Call for further details. Free shipping includes organs purchased from this webpage or in house, marked FREE SHIPPING, not those purchased via other methods nor does the free shipping offer apply in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

Pricing on this website is "internet special" pricing. Mention the prices you see here when shopping in our store to get the internet discount promotional pricing. Free shipping and Discount offers never apply to any unwarranted organ sold with special discount pricing already in place.

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*Pedal Solo Units are never rebuilt or included in the price unless specially ordered although often they work anyway We'll be happy to refurbish the unit at your request if you are going to use it. Discounted organs are not refurbushed completely but are brought up to a normal standard of resaleable condition and all repairs made. In this economy no one wants to pay for a complete rebuilt which is quite expensive to do.

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*Subject to availability and credit approval with busines/church lease. Personal financing not available. "Space Available 4-6 Week delivery", faster delivery negotiable. Not valid on sale items. We'll mobilize as quickly as we can and subject to your organ being ready for shipment.***Deposit/Down Payment required. Organs over $7500 qualify for our "Bring two, choose one" Program. Pre-approved lease to own application required or proof of ability to pay by check/cash upon delivery. Shipping must be prepaid on organs that do not have free shipping. A completed contract must be executed before delivery. As accidents do happen and errors do occur, we are not responsible for typographical, lost email delivery or programming errors in pricing or other details. Any equipment left for service must be redeemed or picked up within 30 days or equipment will be sold to cover repairs.
**** Warranty on any non-sale priced B3/C3/RT3/D152 combo only. Any specially negotiated pricing excludes warranty. Terms at
† Once in awhile we have in on trade or consignement organs that are not genuine Hammond B3s. These are priced accordingly and listed as B3 Style instruments so as not to confuse you.