How Much is my Hammond Organ Worth?

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You may want to accurately determine the value of your instrument for many reasons:
  • Insurance Valuations
  • Replacement Value
  • Donation Value
  • You want to SELL an organ to a private party or other dealer
  • You want to BUY an organ from a private party or other dealer

    Vintage Hammond can help you determine this information based upon our experience and trade in Hammond organs throughout the USA.

    Evaluations of Hammond Organ equipment are made based upon information provided. The more accurate the information and photographs that you provide, the more accurate your evaluation will be. Vintage Hammond can only provide a professional opinion based upon experience selling and buying Hammond organs throughout North America. While we can certainly provide you an accurate ballpark estimation of value, ultimately without an in-person inspection, the evaluation is for entertainment purposes only.

    Hammond Organ valuations are available only within the USA/Canada/Mexico at this time.

    All About Your Organ:

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    If you put an incorrect email, or if your spam filters are going to throw it out before you get it, we cannot send you your evaluation. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE if your spam filters throw the evaluation away, or you give us a non-working email. So double CHECK that right now...we have no end of problems with this.
    <--Important: Select your model from this list.

    If your organ series (M-100, L-100 etc) or exact model (B3, C3, etc) is not in the pulldown box above, we cannot offer an evaluation on it and you will be charged anyway for an evaluation of the model you did select.

    For Example a model 3182M is not a model M. Only a Model M is a model M. If your organ model isn't listed, we are unable to perform an evaluation of the instrument. There were many Hammond models, most of which have zero value or interest to any but the most ecclectic among us. If your organ falls in a series, be sure to specify the exact model below with the serial number. I.E. An L-111 or L-102 would be an L-100 series.

    Describe your organ and equipment as best you can. List any blemishes in the finish
    and also any features that do not work properly for an accurate evaluation. If the instrument is located in another city/state other than the location entered above, be sure to tell us that as location is important.

    Below List your organ Model and Serial Number. This is very important. Include model and serial numbers of any Leslie or other speakers attached to your organ- We Must have the Organ and Leslie/Speaker Model and Serial numbers for any evaluation.:

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    Your organ value calculation will be delivered by email to the address you provide.

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    For the most accurate evaluation it is important to email us any photos you have of the equipment that you can. Email any photos to us and reference your evaluation request to the email address provided in your receipt which will appear in your mailbox after submitting this form.

    Your evaluation will be prepared and emailed to the email address you provided above. Make sure your email address is correct. Generally allow 3-7 days for a proper evaluation, during busy times it could take up to 20 days on the extreme. We want your report to be as accurate as possible. Thanks You For Your Patronage.